Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fast and faster

It was world Alz day and letters were being sent to members of congress pleading for more help with Alzheimers suffering from this horable diease we had a hard time to see what was coming in.  Soon, I found out that members of congress were taking it very serious.  I received at lest 5 letters from members of congress saying they would help the cause.  In  Houston,Texas, where I live, we were lucky to have such wonderful help.

One thing I need to tell you about.  Alzheimers, has me spelling words wrong. I can not do anything with math. So if you see a word that that spells is wrong and/or looks funny, it may be a challegin to understand what I am saying.  

Thanks for reading my Blog.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    My name is Gordon. I used to live in Houston. I am early stage and liked this blog entry you wrote because I have the same issues with spellling and math. I posted the link to your blog.
    West Palm Beach, FL